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Planning a Charity Boxing Day LAN Stream Part 1

Once a year, I run a marathon streaming event (usually 24 hours without a break) to raise money for charity. I am fortunate enough to have others join me, which is great from an experience perspective, but definitely makes it harder to effectively stream the event. Since the effectiveness of the streaming directly relates to the outcomes of donations for charity, I have always found it important to plan-ahead for the system design of the event. Previously, I found it difficult to actually find quality information on how to do something like this, so why not just document what I am doing, when I do it?

The event details

  • At least 24 hours in duration (stream to Twitch the entire time).
  • At least two gaming PC’s playing Internet/LAN games, equipped with their own sound, webcam and library of games.
  • A server to run LAN dedicated games (e.g. The Forest).
  • Unified sound and video through to...

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Promoting culture change strategy at Scrum Australia 2018

Let’s clear the air immediately: I’ve never been a speaker at a professional conference before (until now). I’ve talked to a few hundred people at a time at work (my immediate area is just over 300 people), but nothing is scarier than getting in front of some of the people you idolize, and speaking like you are somehow on their level.

With that confession out of the way, I thought I would share the presentation that I am giving at Scrum Australia 2018:
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Some context

It’s a slide deck that comes with a speech (if there is a recording, I’ll post it), but it details my coaching work in culture at the ATO from June 2017 to now (October 2018), some of my challenges, and some of the techniques I employed to execute my work.

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