My Must-have Firefox Addons

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I know that Chrome (and WebKit) has taken over the world in terms of browsers that are used by most people, but I still use Firefox as Mozilla’s ethos and privacy focus is true to my own. While Firefox has excellent features from the first click after installation, I prefer to load a couple of addons to my install that really makes it my favourite browsing experience. In the spirit of sharing, I have decided to share these with you!

Privacy Badger #

From the wonderful Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) comes Privacy Badger. It’s an excellent privacy and safety focused addon that essentially shuts down trackers (used for advertisement, etc). What I specifically like about Privacy Badger is that it uses a learning method to determine what to block, as opposed to blocklists which can be easily avoided by some of the more questionable trackers. You can find the addon for Firefox

HTTPS Everywhere #

For something completely different, the EFF have provided another excellent addon in HTTPS Everywhere. This addon basically asks the websites you visit to prefer HTTPS encryption when serving you content, which provides a much more secure browsing experience. You can find the addon for Firefox at

Ublock Origin #

Not to be confused with the more controversial Ublock, Raymond Hill has created an excellent, efficient and speedy adblock addon in Ublock Origin. While a lot of my favourite sites are now getting rid of ads in lieu of subscription, this addon is a great way to stay safe as it will block some of the more nefarious ads that are being served. For those sites that you like that don’t have a subscription option, you can always “disable for this site” to allow ads to be served. You can find this addon for Firefox at

Nocoin #

Specifically used to kill those web-based coin miners from wrecking your system. This addon will identify javascript that attempts to use your CPU or GPU to mine coins, and will block it from running! You can find this addon for Firefox at

Lastpass #

My favourite Password manager, LastPass, allows you to create and store passwords for the sites you use, and you can sync that between multiple devices. It’s a little on the expensive side, but the ease of use and reliability has won me over as my password of choice. You can find this addon for Firefox at

Facebook Container #

I hate Facebook with a passion, but my friends and family still use it for invites to events, etc. Luckily Mozilla has made an addon to encapsulate everything Facebook in a container, to stop it from harvesting my data when I am not using the site (yeah they actually do that). You can find this addon for Firefox at

Anyway, those are my essential addons for Firefox. For Chrome or Chrome based alternatives, all of these addons are also available for your browser. If you have a cool addon you want to share, please reach out to me at Twitter on


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