Planning a Charity Boxing Day LAN Stream Part 1

Once a year, I run a marathon streaming event (usually 24 hours without a break) to raise money for charity. I am fortunate enough to have others join me, which is great from an experience perspective, but definitely makes it harder to effectively stream the event. Since the effectiveness of the streaming directly relates to the outcomes of donations for charity, I have always found it important to plan-ahead for the system design of the event. Previously, I found it difficult to actually find quality information on how to do something like this, so why not just document what I am doing, when I do it?

The event details #

The Challenge #

Some non-negotiables (for now, to be updated) #

The first diagram #

Here is the first potential diagram of how the setup will look. Note that there are 2 games machines, a single LAN server, and a streaming PC.

Is the student returning or continuing_.png

In the next post… #

Looking at building, testing and configuring this setup. Should make for an interesting journey!


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